Numismatic Classics - Return Policy

"No Hassle" Thirty Day Return Privilege

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, backed by our "no hassle" thirty day return privilege! After receiving the item, if you find you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 30 days for a full refund. Buyer pays for return shipping costs. All returns must be in their original, untampered-with holders.

All items guaranteed genuine; no fake Chinese imports here! [Obviously, this does not apply if we list the item as being a restrike, reproduction, privately made contemporary piece, etc.] The images we provide in our listings are of the actual item you will receive; no "bait and switch". While we are not professional photographers, these images are our best attempt to show the item as it actually appears in hand, and are not altered in any way. We are sure you will be pleased, as in most cases, the item in actuality will be nicer than the photos. In fact, for example, our photos of coins often do not portray them in their true beauty, as mint luster and colorful toning are not captured well. Also, minor imperfections are sometimes exaggerated by the lighting and appear worse than they actually are.

All our variety attributions are guaranteed correct as well, based on the current numismatic references at the time the item is listed (sometimes variety numbers can change or be de-listed when new reference materials are published).



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